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Several years ago I coached a 13 year old girls crew for our canoe club.  At the Final Championships at Kahului Harbor, Maui 2 crews had separated themselves from the rest. Our girls started celebrating too early before the finish line. Had they kept paddling they could have gotten 1st place. I got in trouble from our head coach. I was sent back to the club site in Kihei to ready a boat to give someone a canoe ride at the Four Seasons resort, missing the celebrations and party that was going to happen. I gathered some paddlers and left swiftly.

From Kihei we paddled against the afternoon trades and landed on the beach at the resort. There was mutiny on the boat for sure. Our person to pick up for this ride was on the beach and ready. She ran up and stuck her hands right into my hair. We gave her a ride and decided to take her out into the deep. She pleaded that she was a chicken and needed to stay close to the shore. We paddled on farther and farther, she finally yelled out, “You can be my guest at the Grand Opening of Planet Hollywood Lahaina tonight!” Our guest was Whoopie Goldberg.

Upon reaching the shore, her people got our names and that was it. That night we got to the crowded event and could not get close enough to the red carpet entrance. When we pleaded with the crowd that we were Whoopies’ guest, they all yelled, “We are all Whoopies’ guests!” A police officer walked by and we pleaded with him. He knew who I was and led us to the start of the catwalk. Sure enough, our names were on the list. We were let in. As we walked the red carpet to the entrance of Planet Hollywood, on the stage outside was Andy Bumatai. He called me up to the stage and the night only got better from that point on. There is more, however, letʻs get back to Andy.

Today I spend my mornings and some afternoons watching Andyʻs Daily Pidgin LIVE chat show. He is a polite and a caring host. His laughter is intoxicating, and his common local style permeates throughout the show. It is quite amazing how he works so hard to prepare for his shows. I am always amazed at how he welcomes every person to his show and how people in the chatroom absolutely care for him. I will venture to say that he is one of Hawaiiʻs most awesome comedians. His respect for all other comedians, actors, celebrities, artists, surfers and just overall, people of Hawaiian hearts makes him a treasure of Hawaii.  I, along with many, am honored to have this humble yet genius person in our lives through his Daily Pidgin LIVE show.  Thank you Andy, very much.
From a Makaha Surfer and Waiʻanae Searider, MUSICISLIFE.

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