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When the coronavirus virtually shut down life six months ago, comedian Andy Bumatai knew he had to find a venue to hone and share his craft. Last May, the Daily Pidgin Show went live, with Bumatai turning lemons into lemonade since.
Bumatai started doing his live, two-hour show, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. daily via his YouTube channel “stage,” and earlier this month, he counted and discovered he had completed his 100th consecutive show. An achievement, for sure.
He’s never been busier.
His wit and words reflect his wisdom and creativity, and he’s having as much fun as his followers. Catch him at, which updates and replaces his now-pau “Toolin’ Around” motorcycle show.

Here’s how he describes the hybrid:
“It’s a chat show and the “Hamajang Gang” (our version of KSSK’s posse) is the main emphasis and they (this being the Internet) check in from all over the world,” said Bumatai. “I ask that those chatting avoid what we call the ‘three cals’ — Political, Medical and Cynical.”
He might as well add a rhyme to define himself: Clean, keen, and never obscene.
“We concentrate on the Aloha spirit and what we have in common NOT what separates us. You know me and, yes, it’s a family friendly chat show.”
Throughout his career going back four decades, Bumatai always kept his patter and chatter suitable for family audiences, while many his then-peers were spouting, well, you know, foul words and themes.
Check him out…
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